New audio and visual magic from Andrew James Barker

From the beautiful mind that brought us Low Moon, and the unforgettable instrumental masterpiece Gunslinger, comes the eponymous Andrew James Barker. Those who followed along with us on Andrew’s journey in bringing Gunslinger to the world will recall that it’s instrumental mastery was accompanied by an equally rich outpouring of watercolour paints and images. We are so grateful that Andrew’s exploration of visual arts has not faded, but rather transformed, nay ascended, to even greater heights. Accompanying the album is one of the most richly textured audio-visual experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being immersed in. Painstakingly created frame by frame, this music video (a term that seems trite in this context) is pure joy:

As for the album itself, we are thrilled to hear that Andrew is once again stepping up to the microphone, to add vocals as icing, on top of the beautiful musical cake that he has baked for us. Available on Spotify, AppleMusic, Tidal, Deezer, and where ever else beautiful music is sold. And as of today, it’s also available on CD!

Order yours today on Bandcamp!


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