The Earth, The Trees, The River, and The Son: New Music from Kadelburg

Follow us on a journey through the past: over the ocean to Eric’s father Hans’ hometown of Kadelburg, Germany; nestled between edge of the black forest and the banks of the glorious Rhine River.

Hans and Annemarie Brombacher on the banks of the Rhine in Kadelburg, Germany.

Introducing “The Rhine (Der Rhein)” a tribute to the legacy of Eric’s father Hans and his humble beginnings on the banks of the Rhine. “My father would often regale us with tales of growing up in his tiny village of Kadelburg”, relates Eric, “and the Rhine River always loomed large as a central figure in many of those stories.” It’s only fitting that Eric would eventually put pen to paper and express some of those memories in song. Says Eric, “I had the opening lyric bouncing around in my head for years, but I saw this as a song about the river itself. Once I sat down to write, it became a tribute to my father, Hans, and in a way an exploration of my own legacy.”

A highlight of the song is a beautiful xylophone composition by drummer Dino Naccarato who does double duty, playing drums and percussion on the track as well as presenting his debut performance on xylophone. Eric does his usual bit on vocals and acoustic guitar, with Jon Ferguson superbly filling out the song on bass, 12-string, and electric guitar. The song is sung in both English and German with extra special guest vocalist Hans Brombacher providing baritone backing vocals for the German lyrics. Eric’s wife Jessie Poh also lends her voice to the German language chorus.

“There’s a river that speaks to me, without a single word, and it rolls on past the town of Kadelburg” is what is expressed in the final verse of the song, cementing it as a theme song of sorts for Kadelburg, the town, and also for Kadelburg, the band.

Written by Eric Brombacher and Dino Naccarato, “The Rhine (Der Rhein)” is an international collaboration recorded one piece at a time at Orange Peel Productions in Lauchringen, Germany, at Dean’s Attic in Toronto, Canada, and at Hotbox Studios in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. Look for more new Kadelburg songs coming later in 2021.

Hans Brombacher lends a hand on backing vocals.

The Rhine (Der Rhein)

released June 29, 2021

Words & Music by Eric Brombacher and Dino Naccarato

Eric Brombacher – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Jon Ferguson – 12 String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Xylophone, Drums & Percussion

Special Guests:
Hans Brombacher – Backing Vocals (German)
Jessie Poh – Backing Vocals (German)

Produced by Eric Brombacher

Recorded at Orange Peel Productions in Lauchringen, Germany
Recorded at HotBox Studios in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Drums and Xylophone Recorded in Dean’s Attic in Toronto, Canada

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Brombacher and Jon Ferguson
Mastering by BandLab

Cover Art & Design by Eric Brombacher
Cover Photo by Eric Brombacher

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records
(p) 2021 Brombacher Ferguson Naccarato Songs

A Rock n’ Roll Love Song to Kick Off The Summer!

Introducing “What I’ve Been Looking For”, showcasing the raw edged rock n’ roll spirit of Eric & The Soo. This is the sound of four guys itching to get back on stage!

What I’ve Been Looking For by Eric & The Soo (words & music by Eric Brombacher)

Eric says, “The song came to me in the middle of the night. I sang the chorus into my phone and then finished the song the next day.” That was a few years ago. On the very last show the band did before the pandemic, they dusted off the song and performed it live. “The band really leaned into and it was really fun, it came off great and we were all a little surprised by it!” Using that energy they quickly recorded a demo and were yet again surprised at how well it turned out. So they polished it up and decided to release the demo as is. As Brombacher puts it, “the rough and ready quality of it kinds of suits the frantic energy of the song, and also kind of mirrors it’s haphazard origins.”

This simple rock n’ roll song about finding the love of one’s life in a dark smokey bar is not too far removed from Eric’s own personal story. A highlight of the tune is the ‘call and response’ between Brombacher on guitar and Ken Yoshioka on harmonica. As is par for the course during these times it was recorded piecemeal just like “She’s Older Than Me” with each band member recording from their home studios in Toronto, and North Bay, Canada, and Lauchringen, Germany.

released June 15, 2021

Produced by Eric Brombacher

Eric Brombacher – Vocals, Electric Guitar
Ken Yoshioka – Electric Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Bradford – Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Drums

Words & Music by Eric Brombacher

Recorded remotely in Toronto, and North Bay, Canada and Lauchringen, Germany

An Orange Peel Productions production

Engineered & Mixed by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Jeff “Fedge” Elliott at Union Sound, Toronto

Cover Art & Design by Eric Brombacher
Cover Photo by Brian Tremblay

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records
(p) 2021 Eric Brombacher Music

A Pandemic Inspired Single: “She’s Older Than Me” by Eric & The Soo

Introducing Eric & The Soo’s pandemic inspired single “She’s Older Than Me”. As described by Gerard Longo of Underground Music Collective, “It’s beautifully-told story, and a testament to the ways that music helps us push through.”

She’s Older Than Me by Eric & The Soo (Available on Spotify, AppleMusic, Tidal, Amazon and Bandcamp)

Eric Brombacher was forced into a fourteen day quarantine during a recent return visit to Toronto. He and his wife moved into an empty apartment with no TV, no internet, and worst of all, no guitar! So Brombacher reached out to his old friend Brad who loaned him a beautiful sixties era Silvertone guitar. Upon handing Eric the guitar, Brad implored, “be gentle with her, she’s older than you.” The line struck a chord, and a new song was born. “She’s Older Than Me” is an ode to a guitar that “helped me through those days of isolation.

Although the band typically likes to record “live off the floor” to capture that special in the moment energy, pandemic related challenges forced a different approach. The song was recorded remotely, piece by piece, in Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, and North Bay, Canada, and also in Lauchringen, Germany. Band members Eric, Ken, Tim, and Dino each recorded their parts in their respective home studios. Somehow, even with the miles between them, the warmth and musical connection among these four is still felt in this latest offering.

If you want to learn a little more about the ‘back story’ of the song, the official video sheds some additional light:

Eric & The Soo “She’s Older Than Me” OFFICIAL VIDEO

Enjoy this song, and please, stay safe!

“She’s Older Than Me”
Words & Music by Eric Brombacher

Eric Brombacher – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Organ
Ken Yoshioka – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Bradford – Bass Guitar
Dino Naccarato – Drums & Percussion

Produced by Eric Brombacher at Orange Peel Productions
Engineered & Mixed by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club
Mastered by Jeff “Fedge” Elliott at Union Sound

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records

New Music: Kadelburg – I Walk These Streets

An encounter with an old friend bears musical fruit!

Introducing I Walk These Streets the debut release from Kadelburg

A visit with an old friend evolves into an extemporaneous songwriting session, and a new musical entity, Kadelburg, is born.  Eric Brombacher of Toronto roots-rock outfit Eric & The Soo recently paid a visit to long time high school friend, and fellow Sault Ste. Marie native, Jon Ferguson. This spontaneous collaboration has spawned debut release I Walk These Streets.

The title cut, I Walk These Streets, came about during a recent visit to Eric’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie.  While on an evening stroll around his old neighbourhood the lyrics came to him, literally step by step.  Says Eric, “It’s that familiar feeling of longing for the past, but knowing that you can’t go home.” 

The B-side, Time Hasn’t Changed represents the genesis of this collaboration.  Two old friends get together to write a song about the old days.  “It’s all about old friends and that fact that no matter how much time goes by, things don’t change (and that’s a good thing),” says Brombacher, “As we were writing the song, we were effectively describing what was happening right then and there.  And we also threw in a few high school memories for good measure.” The song almost wrote itself and Kadelburg was brought to life.

Eric and Jon (and Sammy) in Sault Ste. Marie ca. 1995

Jon and Eric took a homegrown approach to the collaboration.  The songs were recorded in an intimate acoustic recording session.  Brombacher brought in Eric & The Soo bandmate Dino Naccarato to lend his talents on drums and percussion for the title track. Eric notes that, “Dino is great at giving a song exactly what it needs.”  All three brought their respective influences and musical experiences to the table, crafting a sound that simultaneous complements the music of Eric & The Soo while also separately and distinctly standing on it’s own.

Kadelburg is named after a village in Germany’s Black Forest which is also the birthplace of Eric’s father Hans.  This is a not so subtle nod to Eric & The Soo which gets its name from Eric’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie.  Look for more interesting Kadelburg collaborations coming in 2021.


For more information and interviews contact: Eric Brombacher:

Brian Tremblay
Acting publicist for Eastside Confectionery Records

New audio and visual magic from Andrew James Barker

From the beautiful mind that brought us Low Moon, and the unforgettable instrumental masterpiece Gunslinger, comes the eponymous Andrew James Barker. Those who followed along with us on Andrew’s journey in bringing Gunslinger to the world will recall that it’s instrumental mastery was accompanied by an equally rich outpouring of watercolour paints and images. We are so grateful that Andrew’s exploration of visual arts has not faded, but rather transformed, nay ascended, to even greater heights. Accompanying the album is one of the most richly textured audio-visual experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being immersed in. Painstakingly created frame by frame, this music video (a term that seems trite in this context) is pure joy:

As for the album itself, we are thrilled to hear that Andrew is once again stepping up to the microphone, to add vocals as icing, on top of the beautiful musical cake that he has baked for us. Available on Spotify, AppleMusic, Tidal, Deezer, and where ever else beautiful music is sold. And as of today, it’s also available on CD!

Order yours today on Bandcamp!

New/Old Music from Shattervox: “Live Off The Floor”

Introducing Shattervox, the latest act to join Eastside Confectionery Records.  Founded in 2009 by “Eric & The Soo” frontman Eric Brombacher (lead guitar), Frank Miotto (lead vocals), Mike Mann (drums) and Jean Filippini (bass), Shattervox would go on to release two full length albums, a live album and numerous EP’s and singles before disbanding in 2016.  Four years on, in the midst of COVID isolation induced boredom, guitarist Eric (that’s me), dug through the detritus of old recording sessions and found a couple of rough-hewn gems.

Live off the Floor COVER ART

Shattervox “Live Off The Floor”
(c) Eastside Confectionery Records
June 23, 2020

From the archives: a couple of lost out-takes from the final “Little Star” recording sessions. We spent a long day of recording what would turn out to be the final release of original material from Shattervox; the raucous (and simultaneously poignant) swansong “Little Star”. Our job was done, but the tape was still rolling, so we partied and jammed on. How fortunate that the tape was rolling, as this was, unbeknownst us at the time, our final occasion playing together. We hadn’t played a show in over year, so our memories were a little foggy on the songs, which led to some interesting improvisation. These final recordings capture what was so special about Shattervox: that feeling of almost going off the rails at any second, saved only by the determination to hold it together, for just one more minute!

First up was our own raggedly unique take on the Rolling Stones’ “Let It Bleed” … always a fun rocker, and one we’d played at pretty much every show in our 7 year history (plus an extra 4 years in Eric & Frank’s previous band, The Septembers).  And we almost nailed it!  Somewhere along the way, we forgot to play the bridge, and I think it took a while for Frank to remember the words to the second verse, so the solo goes on a little longer than planned, but hey, we did it! We made it through!

Next up was our take on Canadian classic “New Orleans Is Sinking”. We got lost after the first verse, so we all just improvised, and in the process came up with something special; a fitting homage to the Tragically Hip, a tribute, without being a copy.  And the whole song is us on the verge of falling apart, a perfect metaphor for Shattervox.

“Live Off The Floor”
Produced by Eric Brombacher

Frank Miotto – Vocals/Guitar
Eric Brombacher – Lead Guitar
Rob “Key Frame” Webster – Piano
Jean Filippini – Bass Guitar
Mike Mann – Drums

Recorded by Aaron Comeau at “The Trailer” in Toronto
February 2016

Mixed & Mastered by Eric Brombacher
(c) 2020 Eastside Confectionery Records

New Song + New Video: “Picture” by Eric & The Soo

Enjoy this vintage-tinged video for new single “Picture” by Eric & The Soo.  A short and punchy rocker driving straight up the middle of the rock n’ roll highway, “Picture” features Eric Brombacher on lead vocal and acoustic guitar, along with Ken Yoshioka on lead guitar and harmonica, Ted Pruce on electric guitar, Tim Bradford on bass and harmony vocals, Dino Naccarato on drums and percussion and Julian Fauth on honky-tonk piano.

The video takes an unapologetic journey through the past featuring a rapidly changing backdrop of photographs, polaroids and cell-phone snaps from Eric’s early childhood in the 1970’s and 1980’s right through to present day.  Says Eric Brombacher, “it’s like watching my life pass in front of my very eyes.” Come along for the ride!

And of course the cover art for “Picture” also displays a decidedly vintage feel with an old Polaroid photo of Eric at age 17 in front his beloved orange 1977 Pontiac Acadian.

Listen to “Picture” on your favourite platform:

New Video: “Modern Life” by Eric & The Soo

To celebrate the one year anniversary of “Modern Dystopia” here’s a brand new video for opening track “Modern Life”. Recorded in “Tim’s Garage” in Toronto by Tim Bovaconti this song features the talents of Eric Brombacher, Jerry Leger, Ken Yoshioka, Tim Bovaconti, Craig Robertson and Kyle Sullivan.

The video was produced and edited by Eric Brombacher with videography by his lovely wife Jessie Poh. I hope you dig it!

Enjoy the entire Modern Dystopia album on Spotify:

In Other news … be on the lookout for new releases from Eastside Confectionery Records in 2020!

New Video “Obey” from Eric & The Soo

We’re proud to announce the third in an ongoing (maybe?) series of ‘hand-crafted’ videos from Eric & The Soo, featuring songs from the recently released “Modern Dystopia” album.  Take a psychedelic journey through your mind as you contemplate the evils of oppression and conformity:


“Modern Dystopia” is a concept album that explores the current social climate and the challenges we face as humankind. The songs touch on themes both personal and societal; including isolation, depression, homelessness, conformity, and social obedience. All while still offering some hope for change, as it explores an imagined pre-apocalyptic future. Are we really free? Or are we just slaves to the machine? Is it too late, or is there still hope for our beautiful world?

Enjoy previous videos from this series:

Andrew James Barker: Gunslinger Part 2

With painting nothing is ever ruined. Even after the ink or paint has spilled and bled all over the place, once it’s dry you can pick yourself up where you left off and make the best of it.
It’s actually in those times when the stakes are at their highest, or when you’ve already kinda failed, that you can throw the risk of failure out the window and get on with it. It’s also that tightrope of anxiety and abandon  from which the best work originates.
Red Barn
Of all things to bring me back to considering making art again, the first inklings came while refurbishing pipe organ components (lots of leather pneumatics and little mechanical parts). Being in a shop gave me access to a lot of materials similar to an artists studio, and a lot of tools. Working with my hands on those components is a very craft like occupation . While in idle time waiting for something to dry (or in the case of hide glue, warm up) I’d often find myself doodling , or arranging scraps of leather into artful images… and it felt great! Then the thought would gently seep into my head ‘maybe I should make art again’?
‘We’ll see’,  I’d reply.
Then one strange day while my friend , fellow songwriter and indie label originator Eric Brombacher (of Eastside Confectionery Records) and I were scheming about my future album releases told me he wanted me to draw or paint for my next release I was immediately thrown into a state of dumbfounded joy. The medium for getting my art out into the world had just fallen into my lap and it felt profound.
Did he know that I used to love making art? How could he?
‘I used to draw and paint a lot’ I said, thinking to myself so did everyone and their grandmother. Well, I decided, I’m going to do it! And I’m going to show that I’m just not everyone and their grandmother!
Eric believed in me, and that was just the little push I needed.

I think paintings are like steak, better under done than over done. A revelation I hope I can remember and put into practice often.


 Join us for the launch of “Gunslinger” by Andrew James Barker on Saturday October 21st, 8:30pm at Gerrard Art Space (1475 Gerrard Street East) — Special Guests: The Bop Fi’s!