New/Old Music from Shattervox: “Live Off The Floor”

Introducing Shattervox, the latest act to join Eastside Confectionery Records.  Founded in 2009 by “Eric & The Soo” frontman Eric Brombacher (lead guitar), Frank Miotto (lead vocals), Mike Mann (drums) and Jean Filippini (bass), Shattervox would go on to release two full length albums, a live album and numerous EP’s and singles before disbanding in 2016.  Four years on, in the midst of COVID isolation induced boredom, guitarist Eric (that’s me), dug through the detritus of old recording sessions and found a couple of rough-hewn gems.

Live off the Floor COVER ART

Shattervox “Live Off The Floor”
(c) Eastside Confectionery Records
June 23, 2020

From the archives: a couple of lost out-takes from the final “Little Star” recording sessions. We spent a long day of recording what would turn out to be the final release of original material from Shattervox; the raucous (and simultaneously poignant) swansong “Little Star”. Our job was done, but the tape was still rolling, so we partied and jammed on. How fortunate that the tape was rolling, as this was, unbeknownst us at the time, our final occasion playing together. We hadn’t played a show in over year, so our memories were a little foggy on the songs, which led to some interesting improvisation. These final recordings capture what was so special about Shattervox: that feeling of almost going off the rails at any second, saved only by the determination to hold it together, for just one more minute!

First up was our own raggedly unique take on the Rolling Stones’ “Let It Bleed” … always a fun rocker, and one we’d played at pretty much every show in our 7 year history (plus an extra 4 years in Eric & Frank’s previous band, The Septembers).  And we almost nailed it!  Somewhere along the way, we forgot to play the bridge, and I think it took a while for Frank to remember the words to the second verse, so the solo goes on a little longer than planned, but hey, we did it! We made it through!

Next up was our take on Canadian classic “New Orleans Is Sinking”. We got lost after the first verse, so we all just improvised, and in the process came up with something special; a fitting homage to the Tragically Hip, a tribute, without being a copy.  And the whole song is us on the verge of falling apart, a perfect metaphor for Shattervox.

“Live Off The Floor”
Produced by Eric Brombacher

Frank Miotto – Vocals/Guitar
Eric Brombacher – Lead Guitar
Rob “Key Frame” Webster – Piano
Jean Filippini – Bass Guitar
Mike Mann – Drums

Recorded by Aaron Comeau at “The Trailer” in Toronto
February 2016

Mixed & Mastered by Eric Brombacher
(c) 2020 Eastside Confectionery Records


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