ECR Podcast – Episode 004 “Riffs & Licks” Now Streaming!

Good day rock n’ roll fans!  If you’re new to the ‘Eastside Family’ you may not know that we run a monthly podcast featuring our artists where we discuss songwriting, record making and general creative pursuits.  We also talk about happenings on the label and beyond.  Each show has a theme and as part of that theme we share insights about songs we’ve written and recorded, and songs that have inspired us.  This month’s theme is “Riffs & Licks” … catch the latest episode here on Soundcloud:

You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:  Eastside Confectonery Records Presents

And don’t forget to stream the playlist on Spotify after the show! Episode 004 Playlist (Spotify)

What are your favourite riffs & licks?  Let us know!


Day 2 – What’s happening?

Day 2 of the Eastside Confectionery Records Blog!!
We had a great time yesterday evening with the Eastside crew.  We spent some time recording the next few podcasts (we record them in advance a few at a time to help ease the burden our busy artists’ schedules).  And it was the first we got together to talk about the launch of the blog and the new website!
We expect lots of action on the blog.  For example, Jason Kenemy will be launching a new album soon, and he’ll be sharing his ideas and philosophical motivations behind the music via a series of blog posts starting in May. Andrew Barker also has an album in pipe and he’ll be sharing his stories along with some great artwork related to the album … Andrew is also looking forward to writing in depth album reviews, and he’s got some pretty interesting ideas around that … are you excited?  I am!  Jerry’s got lots of great poetry in the archives some of which he’ll be sharing here … and he’s quite the musical encyclopedia himself, so we’re eager to see what else he comes up with!  Craig’s a great visual artist, and also a guy that’s rich with musical knowledge so we’re excited to see what he’s got on the burner as well.   As for me, I’ve got a few ideas cooking … I have no shortage of love (and opinions) about music and musicians, and I’m looking to share my two cents as well … and hey I may just jump on the bandwagon and paint some pictures of my own!  And hey … if you’re feeling inspired, and you’d like to share, drop us a line, and we may just feature some of your good works on the site!
Peace, Love & Rock n’ Roll

Welcome to Eastside Confectionery Records!

Welcome!  We are so excited to launch our new site, and our first official blog post!  Eastside Confectionery Records is an artist collective focused on supporting artists and events in Toronto’s East end.  We formed the label to coincide with the launch of my debut album “Small Town Dreamer” by Eric & The Soo.  We have a great community of artists here in Toronto’s East end and we thought it would be fun to build on that community.  I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, and also lived in the East end of that city.  There was a corner store I used to hang out called ‘Eastside Confectionery’ on the corner of South Market and Eastern Avenue owned by the family of my good childhood friend Jason Schultz.  I thought it would be cool to call the label ‘Eastside Records’ in honour of that store.  Good friend and label-mate Jerry Leger took it a step further and insisted we christen the label ‘Eastside Confectionery Records’ which I thought was brilliant.  The actual store had been shuttered due to economic hardship just the year prior, so I called up my old friend Jason, and asked if we could use the name. True friend that he is, he not only agreed, he also offered to design the logo (and it’s a beauty!).  Jason is now on-board as our ‘in-house’ graphic designer!

The very first album released on the label was “Don’t Lose Your Beauty” by The Bop Fi’s on November 16, 2016 and since then we’ve released “Small Town Dreamer” by Eric & The Soo (11-30-2016), “Low Moon” by Andrew James Barker (1-31-2017), “Crowd Pleaser [re-release]” by The Del Fi’s and “Out Of The Blue” by Eric & The Soo (3-9-2017).  Expect more new releases from the likes of Jason Kenemy, Craig Lindsay Robertson and Andrew James Barker in 2017!

We’ve got lots of good stuff happening here at Eastside Confectionery Records including a monthly podcast on the topic of songwriting hosted by our artists, bi-monthly artist showcases happening at Gerrard Art Space, and now this blog which will feature a mix of content, art, album reviews, musings and poetry from our fine collective artists.

Come along and join us for the ride, we’re so glad to have you all aboard!


Eric Brombacher

(Eric & The Soo, The Del Fi’s)