Orange Peel Productions

Welcome to Orange Peel Productions a division of Eastside Confectionery Records. Let us help you with your next creative project! We provide a wide range of production and artistic services to help you achieve your musical and artistic goals.

Virtual Band & Musician Services:  Need that little something extra to get your song to the next level?  Choose from a roster of world-class musicians and let us add a little magic to your sound!  Musicians/instruments available include: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lap-steel guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, harmony vocals, violin, drums, blues harp, harmonica, mandolin, keys, piano, banjo, and more!  Inquire for details, let us know what your looking for, and let’s make it happen!  Reasonable introductory rates!

Public Relations: The building block of promoting yourself as an artist is publicity and public relations.  With over thirty years working in radio & print media, our PR professional Brian Tremblay, can help you craft one-sheets, bios, EPK and press releases to get the attention of any media outlet.  You’ll get your music played, your art seen or book read when you present yourself with these tools!  As well, I offer media training to help you prepare for those interviews so you’ll put your best foot forward.  With over twenty years as a professional photographer I can help you craft great photographs that will fit your brand and music.

Mixing Services:  The right mix can make or break your next release.  We’re offering a very special introductory rate of $50 per song!  Limited time only! 

Production and Consultation:  We offer full recording, production and mixing services in the following locations: Toronto, Canada; Sault Ste. Marie, Canada; and Lauchringen, Germany.  We can also work with you to provide a hybrid/virtual production and consultation service if you are not close to one of our ‘physical locations’.  Drop us a line, and let us know what your project is about, and let’s work together!

Songwriting Coaching & Help:  One of the most important ingredients in a successful production is a well crafted, well arranged song.  Yes! The song is the most important ingredient! Tap into 20+ years of songwriting, arranging and producing experience!  Singer-songwriter and Eastside Confectionery Records founder, Eric Brombacher can help you get your songs to the finish line and ready for a successful recording experience.

Please reach out, and let’s get to making some beautiful music!