New Music: Kadelburg – I Walk These Streets

An encounter with an old friend bears musical fruit!

Introducing I Walk These Streets the debut release from Kadelburg

A visit with an old friend evolves into an extemporaneous songwriting session, and a new musical entity, Kadelburg, is born.  Eric Brombacher of Toronto roots-rock outfit Eric & The Soo recently paid a visit to long time high school friend, and fellow Sault Ste. Marie native, Jon Ferguson. This spontaneous collaboration has spawned debut release I Walk These Streets.

The title cut, I Walk These Streets, came about during a recent visit to Eric’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie.  While on an evening stroll around his old neighbourhood the lyrics came to him, literally step by step.  Says Eric, “It’s that familiar feeling of longing for the past, but knowing that you can’t go home.” 

The B-side, Time Hasn’t Changed represents the genesis of this collaboration.  Two old friends get together to write a song about the old days.  “It’s all about old friends and that fact that no matter how much time goes by, things don’t change (and that’s a good thing),” says Brombacher, “As we were writing the song, we were effectively describing what was happening right then and there.  And we also threw in a few high school memories for good measure.” The song almost wrote itself and Kadelburg was brought to life.

Eric and Jon (and Sammy) in Sault Ste. Marie ca. 1995

Jon and Eric took a homegrown approach to the collaboration.  The songs were recorded in an intimate acoustic recording session.  Brombacher brought in Eric & The Soo bandmate Dino Naccarato to lend his talents on drums and percussion for the title track. Eric notes that, “Dino is great at giving a song exactly what it needs.”  All three brought their respective influences and musical experiences to the table, crafting a sound that simultaneous complements the music of Eric & The Soo while also separately and distinctly standing on it’s own.

Kadelburg is named after a village in Germany’s Black Forest which is also the birthplace of Eric’s father Hans.  This is a not so subtle nod to Eric & The Soo which gets its name from Eric’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie.  Look for more interesting Kadelburg collaborations coming in 2021.


For more information and interviews contact: Eric Brombacher:

Brian Tremblay
Acting publicist for Eastside Confectionery Records


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