“Come in out of the cold …” and tune in to new music from Kadelburg.

Introducing “Mutterwolf“, the latest single from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada based Kadelburg. For this offering, the eclectic indie garage-rock trio dipped into their heavy metal roots to pen a mythically inspired tale of a Mother Wolf on the hunt for her estranged and troubled son. “Like a wolf on the hunt she flashes her teeth, puts her lipstick on, and steps into the street”, imploring her beloved offspring to come in out of the cold, and to return home. He’s an angry young man, with a mind and will of his own. Will he find peace in his tortured soul? Will he hear his mother’s pleas and finally return home? Only time will tell.

Kadelburg from left to right: Eric Brombacher, Dino Naccarato, Jon Ferguson.

Recorded on a cold winter’s night in Sault Ste. Marie, this song continues the tried and true formula of recording the song immediately after its conception, while the ideas are still fresh, with all instruments recorded in one or two takes to keep it all raw and real. Featuring the talents of core members Eric Brombacher on lead vocals, Jon Ferguson on bass, rhythm guitar and vocals, and Dino Naccarato on drums, this latest offering also includes fellow Sault natives Michael Davies on lead guitar, and Bill Grawbarger on backing vocals.

Mutterwolf by Kadelburg. Cover art by Dino Naccarato.

Says Eric, “this song draws from all of our respective influences; Americana, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, etc., the blending of which creates a unique sound, a sound that we couldn’t have predicted or expected.” As Kadelburg continues to find their footing as a band, we hope that this experimental mixing of genres continues, and we hope that you the listener continues to join them on this musical adventure.

Mutterwolf by Kadelburg

Words & Music by Eric Brombacher and Jon Ferguson

Eric Brombacher – Vocals
Jon Ferguson – Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Drums

Special Guests:
Michael Davies – Lead Guitar
Bill Grawbarger – Backing Vocals

Produced by Eric Brombacher

Recorded at HotBox Studios in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Drums Recorded in Dean’s Attic in Toronto, Canada

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Brombacher
Mastering by BandLab

Cover Art & Design by Dino Naccarato

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records
(p) 2021 Brombacher Ferguson Naccarato Songs


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