Isn’t Love Supposed to Last Forever?

Taking a rare turn on piano, singer-songwriter Eric Brombacher has penned a melancholy ballad of love gone wrong. The protagonists (represented by the seagulls pictured in the cover art), face the age old struggle of reconciling fantasy with reality in romance. “Isn’t love supposed to last forever?” Well it doesn’t always work out that way does it?

Eric Brombacher pens a ballad about love gone wrong.

Anchored by a simple yet plaintive piano performance, highlights include a confident drum performance by Dino Naccarato, and an otherworldy electric guitar performance by Ken Yoshioka. Bassist Tim Bradford provides just the right groove to keep the song rolling while also singing a beautiful harmony over the bridge section which leads us into Ken’s aching guitar solo.

“Last Forever” by Eric & The Soo is now streaming on all platforms.

The production is inspired by those late 70’s and early 80’s hard rock bands that knew that the only way for them to rule the airwaves was to include a radio friendly ballad, usually found near the end of ‘side 2’ on the LP or cassette tape.

Written by Eric Brombacher, “Last Forever” is an international collaboration recorded one piece at a time at Orange Peel Productions in Lauchringen, Germany, at Dean’s Attic in Toronto, Ken’s living room in Toronto, and Tim’s basement in North Bay. Look for more new Eric & The Soo songs coming in early 2022.

Last Forever by Eric & The Soo

released September 21, 2021

Produced by Eric Brombacher

Eric Brombacher – Vocals, Piano
Ken Yoshioka – Electric Guitar
Tim Bradford – Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Drums

Words & Music by Eric Brombacher

Recorded remotely in Toronto, and North Bay, Canada and Lauchringen, Germany

An Orange Peel Productions production

Engineered & Mixed by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Jeff “Fedge” Elliott at Union Sound, Toronto

Cover Art & Design by Eric Brombacher
Cover Photo by Eric Brombacher

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records
(p) 2021 Eric Brombacher Music


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