A Rock n’ Roll Love Song to Kick Off The Summer!

Introducing “What I’ve Been Looking For”, showcasing the raw edged rock n’ roll spirit of Eric & The Soo. This is the sound of four guys itching to get back on stage!

What I’ve Been Looking For by Eric & The Soo (words & music by Eric Brombacher)

Eric says, “The song came to me in the middle of the night. I sang the chorus into my phone and then finished the song the next day.” That was a few years ago. On the very last show the band did before the pandemic, they dusted off the song and performed it live. “The band really leaned into and it was really fun, it came off great and we were all a little surprised by it!” Using that energy they quickly recorded a demo and were yet again surprised at how well it turned out. So they polished it up and decided to release the demo as is. As Brombacher puts it, “the rough and ready quality of it kinds of suits the frantic energy of the song, and also kind of mirrors it’s haphazard origins.”

This simple rock n’ roll song about finding the love of one’s life in a dark smokey bar is not too far removed from Eric’s own personal story. A highlight of the tune is the ‘call and response’ between Brombacher on guitar and Ken Yoshioka on harmonica. As is par for the course during these times it was recorded piecemeal just like “She’s Older Than Me” with each band member recording from their home studios in Toronto, and North Bay, Canada, and Lauchringen, Germany.

released June 15, 2021

Produced by Eric Brombacher

Eric Brombacher – Vocals, Electric Guitar
Ken Yoshioka – Electric Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Bradford – Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Drums

Words & Music by Eric Brombacher

Recorded remotely in Toronto, and North Bay, Canada and Lauchringen, Germany

An Orange Peel Productions production

Engineered & Mixed by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Jeff “Fedge” Elliott at Union Sound, Toronto

Cover Art & Design by Eric Brombacher
Cover Photo by Brian Tremblay

(c) 2021 Eastside Confectionery Records
(p) 2021 Eric Brombacher Music


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