Andrew James Barker: Gunslinger Part 3

Painting teaches me how to make music. Tells me how to use space, and how simplicity is 99.99% the best choice. Visual art also opens up horizons of possibilities otherwise unthought of. i.e: what if the main subject is half out of frame, and how does that idea translate to music? A lot of things come down to the mix.. if there was an inter dimensional element to a piece of art (an excepted component of modern art) how could such an idea translate to music? The song ‘the mystery zone’ by spoon is a great example of effectively conveying such a feeling. Verses cut out mid phrase as though they have vanished like an observed electron would do. Very cool.
I think we are on the verge of music catching up with modern abstract visual art, and I am very excited to see it come into the mainstream. Kendrick Lamar is doing it. Frank ocean is doing it. Lots of people I’ve yet to discover must be doing it. Jazz and modern classical have been doing it arguably for a while now, but the people have not yet accepted it totally. Probably because we are by design more visually developed than aurally. For me, in regards to my future as a creative person, the visual arts and music will hopefully continue to inform each other in new and exciting ways.
In anticipation of Saturday’s launch of “Gunslinger” I’m excited to share the debut of “Ocean Salt Breeze” from the album featuring paintings and artwork by Andrew James Barker:
Be sure to join us for the launch of “Gunslinger” this Saturday Oct 21st at Gerrard Art Space:
Gunsinger poster
Gunslinger launches digitally worldwide on October 24th, 2017 on Eastside Confectionery Records and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer and more!

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