ECR Podcast: Ep. 006 “Dark Horses” Now Streaming!

We’ve got a great show for you this month!  This one features a discussion on ‘Dark Horses’ — those songs, artists and albums that were not commercially successful or widely known but that we absolutely love.  Perhaps it’s the ‘hidden’ nature of these songs, or the joy of discovering your own ‘secret stash’ of music.  But now we’ve gone past wanting to keep these to ourselves and today we are sharing these with you.  Some nostalgia creeps in as we discuss how we came to discover these ‘under the radar’ songs, and we take some time to talk of some of our own ‘dark horse’ songs.  We close out the show with an intimate performance of “Night Terrors” by Andrew James Barker!

This podcast also comes with a playlist where you can listen to all of the music we’ve discussed during the show:

Bonus video: The Del Fi’s cover ‘dark horse’ song All I Need Is You by Webb Pierce

Each month Eastside Confectionery Records artists gather to talk about music and songs and the artists create them.

Eric Brombacher (Eric & The Soo, The Del Fi’s)
Andrew Barker (Andrew James Barker, The Del Fi’s, The Bop Fi’s)
Craig Robertson (Craig Lindsay Robertson, Eric & The Soo, The Del Fi’s)
Jerry Leger (The Del Fi’s, The Bop Fi’s, Eric & The Soo)

Host: Eric Brombacher
Announcer: Mark Brombacher
Produced by Eric Brombacher
Theme Music: “Listening To Neil” by Eric & The Soo

(c) 2017 Eastside Confectionery Records


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