Episode 005 of the ECR Podcast is now streaming!

Good day!  This month’s episode ‘Eastisde Happenings’ features your host Eric Brombacher along with panelists Andrew Barker, Craig Robertson, and Jerry Leger.  We get together to discuss all of the great musical things happening at Eastside Confectionery Records.  Naturally we also drift and meander through various music-related (and some non-music related) topics.

As always, this month’s episode comes equipped with a rockin’ playlist featuring all songs that were discussed and referenced during the show!

Are there any interesting topics that you’d like to hear about in the future?  Let us know, and if we include your idea for a future episode you’ll get a shout-out on the show and you’ll receive an Eastside Confectionery Records gift pack!

Click here to play:

Podcast Episode 005

Spotify Playlist Episode 005


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