A beautifully ragged rock n’ roll experience featuring lead vocals & rhythm guitar by Frank Miotto, lead guitar by Eric Brombacher (of Eric & The Soo), with Jean Filippini on Bass, and Mike Mann on drums. Rock n’ Roll mayhem, delivered to you from Toronto, Canada. Enjoy!

Founded in 2009 by core members and songwriting partners Frank Miotto and Eric Brombacher, Shattervox was born out of the ashes of Toronto bar-band, The Septembers.  Charismatic front man, Frank Miotto set the pace and defined the musical direction of the band, pushing guitarist Eric’s rootsier sensibilities into the realms of hard rock, and alternative rock, with flavours of punk, all wrapped in nostalgia.  Eric’s country/folk/roots influences couldn’t help but show through.  There was a lot of overlap in the tastes and influences from all members to keep it unified, but just enough tension and difference to keep it interesting.  At times brilliant, and just as often chaotic, Shattervox was an adventure, both on stage and off.  It was mostly good, sometimes it was even great, but like most good things, Shattervox came to an end in 2016.  With whimper, not a bang.  The final official release of original songs came in the form of 2016 EP “Little Star”, perhaps the perfect swansong.  With songs that range from aggressive to ragged to ambitious to jammy, and in the case of the title cut, sweet and poignant.

Born out of these sessions, somewhat by accident are spontaneous recordings of live show standards “Let It Bleed” and “New Orleans Is Sinking”, both recorded live off the floor.  The legacy lives on.