Craig Lindsay Robertson

Who says it’s too late to live a dream? Four years ago, Craig Robertson quit his long-tenured full-time job in Canada’s radio industry to pursue his lifelong passion – music. Since, he’s performed over 300 shows, has garnered radio airplay, and has written enough material for 5 records.

Have you ever come across an artist who doesn’t sound the way they look? Craig’s live show truly reveals his innate gift – his voice. It’s rich, soothing, powerful and subtle. Melodies soar and with the turn of a phrase, Craig can have the audiences always coming back for more, wondering where that voice came from.

After years of life obstacles and experiences to inspire his music, Craig is set to release a brand new album in 2015. The new songs are simple, yet complex and reflect on love, dreams, family, home and hanging on. The music stays true to Craig’s live show as the entire album was recorded with a band, in a living room, live off the floor. No auto-tuning, no re-tuning, no tuning out. Craig is the real deal. The album promises to be music for people who love the real deal.

 2013/2014 – “Everything Will Pass”, garnering radio airplay on Peak Revolution Radio and 94.9 The Rock.

Craig was most recently the resident musician at The West Hill Wine Bar. He has also taken the stage at various Toronto venues including The Horseshoe, The Rivoli, Revival Bar, Free Times Café, and at NXNE and Canadian Music Week.

P- 416-845-5754


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